acufactum books - Exclusive needlework books with creative ideas and inspiration for cross stitch, sewing and decoration.

Creative ideas, suggestions for needlework, decoration and lifestyle. Instructions for embroidery, crochet, sewing, knitting, decorating, crafts.

Browse through our complete publishing program here and gain insight into our books. Creative ideas and suggestions on the subject of needlework, decoration and lifestyle we offer you in the section "acufactum books". You will find instructions for embroidery, crochet, sewing, knitting, decorating and handicrafts. All projects from our books are explained step by step in easy to understand instructions and are accompanied by expressive photographs.

Creating a book is still a unique experience for us. Every book is a new world to be discovered. Also for us! The development of the theme, the selection of the models, the embroidery, the texts and instructions, the photographs, the layout. All these exciting processes and developments make the work around our books a lively, creative process. Our books should inspire you, awaken your desire for needlework and simply do you good.

A customer once said: „When I'm not feeling so well, I take your books and sit down on my sofa with a cup of tea and leaf through them from cover to cover. I feel so much better right away after that!“

That is the nicest compliment anyone can give us! Thank you very much for that.

In our category acufactum books spring & summer you will discover our available titles: Magic Tender Elf Garden, Living Happiness, Poetry of Small Things, Summer Freshness, Summerland, Shiny Pieces

In our category acufactum books autumn & winter you will discover our available titles: Christmas Happiness

Also have a look in our category Material acufactum books for the products you need for the projects from the books.

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