Online-vouchers from acufactum

I. Purchase of online-vouchers

Our online vouchers can only be purchased online via our homepage and can only be redeemed online in our online store. In both cases a customer account with us is mandatory. A voucher minimum order value of 15 ¤ applies. Pure online voucher orders are of course free of shipping costs.

II. How to order an online voucher

If you want to order an online voucher, you must first register, i.e. open a free customer account with us.
Attention: It is not possible to order an online voucher as a guest, this also applies to redeeming a voucher.

Please choose a voucher for the desired amount and then complete the order. If you pay with PayPal, the voucher will be activated immediately and you will receive the voucher code with the order confirmation email. You can also view the code in your order (on our website under "Your account > Show previous orders"). There you will also find a button for a pre-filled voucher to print out and give as a gift. In addition, we provide you with a designed voucher as a PDF, which you can print out and personalise with your name and code.
For other payment methods, including instant bank transfer, you will receive an e-mail about the activation as soon as we have received the payment. Afterwards, just as described above for a PayPal order, you can view both the voucher code and the designed voucher for self-printing in your customer account.

Attention: Please note that an activation outside our office hours and on weekends is unfortunately not possible.


III. Redeeming the voucher

The online voucher can only be redeemed in combination with an order in our online store. The voucher code can be redeemed for the entire range of products available in our online store. However, each voucher code can only be redeemed once. The redemption of several vouchers in the context of an order is possible. Remaining amounts after partial redemption of a voucher remain for the redeemer as (remaining) credit on the customer account until the complete redemption of the entire voucher. A cash payment of the voucher value and/or the remaining amounts on the customer account is not possible.

IV. How to redeem an online voucher

You have received a gift voucher. That makes us very happy! Now you need a customer account with us to redeem the voucher. If you do not have a customer account yet, please register for free. Now you can redeem/book your voucher.

Vouchers can be redeemed as credit via the regular order form (shopping cart) or before an order via "My Account". If the credit is less than the value of the goods you must also choose your preferred method of payment for the difference. If your credit exceeds the value of the goods, the remaining credit is of course available for your next order.


Attention: The voucher value will be deducted from the invoice amount only at the very end of the order process! You can view your credit at any time on your personal account overview page, click on "My account" in the top menu bar.


V. Validity period

Our online vouchers lose their validity at the end of the third year (on 31.12. of a year) after the purchase of the respective voucher. After this date, the voucher can no longer be redeemed.


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